Welcome to the treadmill tapes: watch ideas on the move.

It only took me a few days at Harvard in the fall of 2011 to realize that the place was full of interesting people doing very interesting things and thinking very very interesting thoughts. Over coffee, or at a meeting, or just in the way in which I went about doing my work on campus I began to wish that they were all my walking buddies. As I was dreaming about this I had a little vision: I could walk with my Harvard colleagues and then share the conversations more widely if only I could tape them...and in that moment The Treadmill Tapes were born.

With great help from Amelia Cox and Alli Ross we set up a system in the gym that adjoins the dance building at Harvard. Two treadmills, side by side with microphones affixed and a special light that brightened the room just enough for a low tech walk. I sent out engraved invitations (one is included here) asking people to come for an hour walk and so they did.

Here is what happened. We had wonderful conversations that seemed to be energized by the walking. Treadmills alone can be boring but with the great people I have walked with the minutes fly by as we get in step with each other.

Alli has edited them into smaller segments. Take a look. In time upcoming, make your own and you can post them here.

Liz and Jim Kloppenberg

Liz and Joe Singer

Liz and Jose

Liz and Steve Seidel- Part 1

Liz and Steve Seidel- Part 2

Liz and Diane Borger

Liz and Ingrid Monson

Liz and Maria Corniel

Liz and Eleanor Duckworth

Liz and Ray Williams

Liz and Robb Moss

Liz and Robin Kelsey

Liz, Annie Kloppenberg, and James Kloppenberg

Liz and Akiko Yamagata

Liz and Deborah Foster

Liz and Jack Megan

Liz and Ned Friedman Part 1

Liz and Ned Friedman Part 2

Liz and Lori Gross

Liz and Jill Johnson

Liz and Marshall Ganz